Patient Information for Face to Face Appointments

At Spines we value our patients and staff member’s safety as our number one priority.

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic the nature of how Physiotherapy is provided across the world has had to change. We too at Spines are having to drastically modify our way of treating patients.

To keep everyone informed of how treatment will now look we have devised a new pathway and process for treatment which is using all of the latest advice and recommendation from PHE, NHS and Government agencies as well as our Governing bodies the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Physiofirst. As you can imagine this has not been an easy process at all and a lot of difficult decisions have had to be made about trying to maintain a high standard of Physiotherapy which is effective and helpful to you as a patient as well as complying with the new and ever changing demands and recommendations from the previously mentioned regulatory bodies.

So, from 20th July 2020 the new process for physio will be:

-Patient to contact us via phone, email or social media.

- If the patient is deemed to be appropriate to receive face to face Physiotherapy after having a brief screening conversation and agreement of both Patient and Physio we will then email (ideally) or post out our Consent to treatment, GDPR and new Covid 19 Screening and consent forms.

- Patients will be required to read and sign these at home and bring them to the appointment focussing particularly on the Screening questions which will be asked again before entering the building.

- We would ask that you attend the appointment alone if possible and if you are driven that your driver waits in the car to limit contact with staff.

-We request that you attend no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time. Also we would request that if you do have your own face mask medical or non-medical that you wear one. We will provide you one at a cost of £1 if you don’t have one.

- Before entry we will ask you screening questions of FEVER, RECENT COUGH, CONTACT WITH ANYONE TESTING POSITIVE TO COVID19 AND LOSS OF TASTE OR SMELL. If any of these are answered yes we will not be able to treat you and advise contacting your GP or 111.

-In addition to the screening questions on entry we will test your temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer. If your Temperature is above 37.8c then we will not be allowed to treat you and again advise you to contact your GP or 111.

- During the whole of this process the Physio will be wearing PPE including face mask and gloves as well as our receptionist wearing a face mask.

- We will ask you to use alcohol hand sanitiser or immediately wash your hands.

- Hopefully now we can take you through to the treatment room and commence Physio.

- In conjunction with the recommendations from the CSP and Physiofirst our Face to Face contact will last no longer than 25 minutes including Assessment and Treatment. This will allow us extra time for cleaning and additional paperwork required at this time.

- At the end of the session we will ask you to go to reception and pay preferably contactless with card as we are trying to limit contact with cash. We can provide you with our Bank details if you prefer a BACS payment. If you are being paid for by an insurance company we will take the details during the interview. The receptionist will then book you in for a follow up if necessary and please use the hand sanitiser again.

-The cost of the Sessions will be £42 for both assessment and treatment. This is for private patients and excludes Insurance or NHS patients.

Please be assured that we are taking every precaution to be as safe and clean space, being as professional as we can be.

In between every patient, Physios will change and dispose of relevant PPE as well as the treatment rooms being thoroughly ventilated and cleaned to make sure that each time you come for treatment you can be assured that we have done everything possible to prevent any contamination of the rooms. Reception is also cleaned after every patient.

Finally after all of the PPE, Procedure and Regulation please be comforted that we will always have a smile for you under our face mask and we are here to help you recover from your condition. Trying to maintain the professional but friendly approach we have always tried to have at Spines.

Stay Safe and Kind Regards,

Adam Chamberlain,

Owner and Physiotherapist of Spines Physiotherapy Clinic